Francis DellaVecchia

Francis Della Vecchia
  Francis DellaVecchia  

Francis DellaVecchia is the founder of Cultural Connections and has been a resident of Los Angeles since 1984. Throughout the years he has built and maintained connections to both the political and pop culture worlds.

Most recently, Francis worked to raise the visibility of the Artivist Film Festival, the only international film festival devoted to environmental, human and animal rights.  He brought them their opening night film, Benjamin Bratt’s latest La Mission.  He also procured the talent for the Artivist Awards, including Olivia Wilde, Hank Azaria, Frances Fisher, Maria Bello, and Rev. Michael Beckwith.

DellaVecchia is a producer of the award-winning short film Help Wanted.  The feature version of Help Wanted is now in the casting and fundraising stage.

Working with Riptown Media, Francis greatly enhanced their Bodog brand through high profile relationships. He brought them the winner of the 2006 World Series of Poker, Jamie Gold.  Working with talent from across the spectrum, he brought celebrities to Bodog events, and cast Bodog Entertainment’s various television projects.

Francis has first-hand experience organizing projects for both the political and entertainment worlds. He has amassed entertainment credits including producer, associate producer, consulting producer, writer, director, and actor. He has produced live events at locales as varied as the Playboy Mansion, New York's Capitale, Venice Beach boardwalk, and the Los Angeles Federal Building. Connecting these endeavors is DellaVecchia's enthusiasm to create excitement around ideas, causes, and events.

Prior to launching Cultural Connections, Francis was director of VIP Relations for the Marijuana Policy Project. There he created events, built a celebrity advisory board and produced celebrity public service announcements. In addition, Francis is the creator of the Joyful Activist email newsletter and website, In 2001, he ran for Mayor of Los Angeles as a recommended candidate of the Green Party. While running for Mayor, he embarked on the world's first entirely webcast campaign at In the fall of 2003, he served as Southern California Field Director for the Dennis Kucinich for President campaign. DellaVecchia has written on youth and culture issues for LA Weekly, Lotus, Urb, and Deep Style magazines. Francis regularly speaks on Joyful Activist topics at events such as Earthdance, Dance for Peace, 4 Days of Unity, and Freedom to Dance. In 2003, DellaVecchia was invited to the State of Possible Retreat in Kalamazoo Michigan to share his vision of the 'Joyful Activist' with 27 other forward thinkers. He sits on the boards of the Open Fist Theatre Company in Hollywood and Dawson's Book Shop-the oldest bookshop in the city of Los Angeles.

A graduate of UCLA's Theater Department with additional study at Birmingham University in Great Britain, DellaVecchia continues to connect, both personally and professionally, worthwhile projects with their intended audience.